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Stainless Steel Round Home Tandoor

Made from 304 grade stainless steel, our home tandoors are specially designed for home kitchens. The tandoor comes with all features and specifications, allowing you to grill delicious food items at home. With double insulation, the tandoor is best suited for home and catering, and can cook food items quickly. It is portable to keep in the kitchen or in the backyards for a perfect barbecue experience.

We can supply home tandoors with different top surfaces, such as tiles, stone, metal, cement and so on. It allows a perfect grilling with charcoal fuel. These home tandoors are beautiful and adaptable to different indoor and outdoor environments. Handcrafted home tandoors are NSF certified and can be ideal for cooking a variety of food items. Our home tandoor offers a very exciting and dynamic experience to anyone willing to try their hands in cooking different Indian cuisine.

At Munnilal Tandoors, we offer various customization options, and clients can get home tandoors in different sizes and designs. We supply these tandoors with stainless steel skewers, gaddi pad and other accessories, for quick and easy installation. With low ash ejection and maintenance free, these home tandoors offer the joy of cooking a variety of traditional Indian food.

Stainless Steel Round Home Tandoor
CORE MATERIAL Terracotta clay
OUTER CASING Grade 304 stainless steel grade
(18 gauge for all 4 sides and 16 gauge steel for top)
INSULATION Double insulation with high temperature resistant glasswool ( First insulation is between the walls of the drum, and second insulation is between the clay tandoor and the drum.)
USAGE Can serve a variety of businesses. It is best recommended for home and catering.
DIMENSIONS Comes in few standard sizes.
(Indoors it must be installed under ventilation hood)
CUSTOMISATION Can be custom made in different sizes and design
TOP SURFACE Tile, Stone, Metal, Cement (not limited to the options only)
ACCESSORIES 10 pieces of assorted skewers Top Mouth Cover and Cushion (gaddi)
WEIGHT Please refer the product detail table
SAFETY NORMS Charcoal tandoor is NSF certified
Stainless Steel Round Home Tandoor
Stainless Steel Round Home Tandoor
Stainless Steel Round Home Tandoor
SRC16 16 22 9 45 Kg
SRC18 18 24 10 55 Kg
All measurements are in inches.